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Bag Seazun LLC is a Business and Lifestyle development brand that assists aspiring entrepreneurs and established brands with redefining who they are. Knowing who you are and what you can do for your business helps to trigger success. 

We create customized programs built to give each person or business the tools needed to succeed, in business, and in your personal life. Bag Seazun believes everyone can be legendary with the proper mindset, the right tools, and personal guidance. 

The Bag Seazun Team

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The Thriving Multipotentialite

Sondria Nicole is a multi-faceted creative and influencer whose sole mission is to rebuild the mindsets broken by trauma ridden individuals while assisting aspiring entrepreneurs with inspirational content and tools to assist individuals and businesses reach Legendary Status.


We can help take your business to the next level

Behave is a business rehabilitation service that caters to established and pre-launch businesses focusing on business development. We offer business strategy, social media audits, financial organization, content creation, and full branding services.

“"We create customized programs built to give each person or business the tools needed to succeed, in business, and in your personal life."”

Sondria NicoleFounder, Bag Seazun


Bootz on the Ground is a 4-part interview series that gives insight into actual workplace experiences. Sondria Nicole has gone inside businesses to uncover research that tells the mindset and business practices of today’s business owners. This research formed the basis and changed the trajectory of the new Bag Seazun. Each video is created to show the journey, discovery, impact, and recommendations that redefined a new path. Assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses who want success requires a partner with the right tools and services. Bootz On the Ground is an honest look at real business experiences with recommendations on how to arrive at a determined success path while executing a true vision.

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Intentional Growth Platform

Real, Raw and Authentic!!

Hosted by Sondria Nicole

Beyond the Bag Podcast formerly known as Bag Talk the Podcast is an elevated version of our previous show, now focusing on the importance of mental development within business. Our mission is to graduate the mind to legendary status with raw and real experiences introducing informative conversations to help aspiring and serial entrepreneurs.


I Am Legend Coaching Partners is an expansive coaching program created to help build legends. While The Behave program only assists with business development, the IAL program focuses on mental health within the frame work of business. IAL allows you access to a personal coach who delivers powerful and insightful coaching sessions that change lives. The IAL program believes that being mentally free is key to the development and longevity of your personal and business brands.

Power of the Mind

We believe that understanding your person and customizing your life to fit your person shifts your mindset. Ultimately improving your health, minimizing your stress and becoming more resilient through life's challenges.

Knowing Who You Are

When you know who you are maneuvering through life becomes that much sweeter. Reaching your goals are inline with your mindset. Giving you the power to live authentic and unapologetically.

Legendary Status

When you have reached legendary status it is not possible to stop. Everything is possible and you become the catalyst for all things you believe are possible. It all comes with balance, understanding, desire, and execution.


The Exit Plan is the answer when looking to exit any industry that no longer suits your person. We help you create strategic paths that transition you from wherever you are. Our goal is to assist you in building your own business with confidence, knowledge, systems, and services that help you to achieve your goals.

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