Iyanla Vanzant has branded herself as a fixer of life’s problems. She immerges you into the depths of your issues by guiding you to realize that working from the root of your problem/s is the only way to be authentic, while, facing and working through fixing them.

This is the first…

The Exit Plan includes five unique, comprehensive, and specifically targeted programs (IAL Coaching Partners, What The Brand?, Brand Me Better, Brand It All, and Behave) that can be tailored to fit your specific pain points. All five programs help to create, execute, and bridge your best personal life and business brand.

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Fix The Source And Make It All Better

IAL Coaching Partner’s can help you figure out where to go next. They can help you work to remove the stress that surrounds business ownership and replace it with confidence that helps manage distracting baggage.

Don’t have a plan for transitioning

What The Brand For Startups!  Our team of strategist and coaches will work with you one-on-one to begin building your brands identity, voice and presence.

Always Under Construction

Brand Me Better For Growth. In the world today, you cannot afford to walk without constructing a plan of change for your business or personal journey. The Exit Plan allows you to map out how that change will take place.

How To Limit Your Losses

Brand It All For Enterprise Level. The Exit Plan is your new beginning. Our strategy enables you to limit your losses and ensure that your new brand is attractive, scalable, and conversion ready.

Choose The Right Coach For You


Focuses on both employees and businesses reaching full potential.


Focuses on friendships, people skills, and family relationships.


Focuses on financial freedom and long-term money management.


Focuses on friendships, people skills, and family relationships.

How To Know If You Need The Exit Plan

Are You Managing Your Best Life and Reaching Legendary Status?