What The Branding

(45 days)

A marketing strategy for startup entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and achieve new, defined business strategies, making it easier to hit target goals.
Your personal brand strategist provides expert advice on branding, marketing, and business strategy, as well as providing access to a range of resources and services that can help you to grow your business.
Our goal is to help you to establish yourself as a successful business owner and achieve your long-term goals through a more stable and intentional life.
Brand Strategy

With your personal brand strategist you can create the perfect brand, write clear action plans for both long-and short-tern goals, Produce and manage on target campaigns, Optimize your social media, integrate new distribution channels and more.

Content Creation

Keeping your audience informed with interesting and valuable content is half the battle, capturing their attention is the other. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, we’ve got the right software. If you need content services we have the right package.

IAL Coaching Partner’s

Start your six one-on-one coaching sessions. Learn how to make better decisions, move with confidence and intent, create and execute a new life strategy. GET STARTED ON A PATH TO HEALING BEFORE BUSINESS, RIGHT AWAY .

Social Media Management

There are hundreds of social media platforms. Don’t be fooled by the hype that just Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can satisfy your growth needs. Let’s start managing your social media platforms for more exposure. Interested in Going Global?

Each Additional Platform $500